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It's the season of Leaf-Bare.

Many clans are having a hard time. With warriors and apprentices, as well as kits, elders, and queens running short, many clans are weak.

April Gathering

April Medicine Cat Meeting

Badge Events:The Great War, Warrior's Quiz, and The Hunger Games



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PostSubject: READ THIS BEFORE PLAYING!!!!!!!   READ THIS BEFORE PLAYING!!!!!!! EmptyThu Feb 23, 2012 6:22 pm

Hello! Welcome to Warriors-Live-On! There are a few rules that we have to make this RPG more enjoyable for all of us.

1.First of all, we will not allow foul language. Please be kind to the other players. NO inappropriate talk what so ever.
2.Also, respect your administrators. Do as they say, OK. They are doing it for the well being of you and the other players as well. But remember, they want to play sometimes too. Don't be surprised if you see an administrator playing also.
3.We have a certain way of role playing here.We expect every player to use it if possible. Here is an Example:"Lunarskys crouched down and slithered slowly over the leaf littered undergrowth. A vole sat just out of pounce range."Also, please understand that you can not control what the other user's cat does. They post again to tell yo what they will do. Meaning you can't tell them when they die. Although if it was a fair death, you shouldn't just pretend it didn't happen.
4. Stay realistic. NO nyan cats. NO rainbow cats. NO flying cats. NOTHING unrealistic. Unless it has to do with a power from Starclan, stay realistic. And I don't mean there should be hundreds of cats running around with powers.
5. No spam or advertising for another website here. And absolutely NO asking for or giving any personal information!
6. Before roleplaying, you must make a cat and get it approved by an administrator. Don't roleplay as is until you have gotten it approved.
7. Remember that you can't just decide your a mentor or that your an apprentice. You must wait until your leader decides.
8.Remember, no mating. Please spare other users from throwing up!
9. If you want your clan added to the site, you must have at least 500 posts and be a user for 1 month.

That's all for rules. Remember, all of us moderators will be watching.
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