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It's the season of Leaf-Bare.

Many clans are having a hard time. With warriors and apprentices, as well as kits, elders, and queens running short, many clans are weak.

April Gathering

April Medicine Cat Meeting

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 I need advise(Moonstar)

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I need advise(Moonstar) Empty
PostSubject: I need advise(Moonstar)   I need advise(Moonstar) EmptyFri Mar 16, 2012 8:13 pm

Monstar walked into the den and mewed"Lunarskys? Are you there? I need your help with something!" Lunarskys walked from the den and looked threw the gloom, blinking." What do you want to know?"She mewed. Moonstar struggled to find the right words, then mewed"We have no apprentices, kits, or queens and we have almost no warriors! We are dieing! I don't know what to do!"She admited. Lunarskys stepped back in suprise. She didn' know either, but she sat down, thinking for a second. Moonstar sat down aswell. She was afraid that Lunarskys would say that there was nothing they could do! Lunarskys got an idea and mewed" We will fill in were we are needed. I know I can collect moss and change the bedding" Moonstar nodded in agreement." I will go on all the hunting potrols and border potrals"She mewed. SHe quickly remembered that Lunarskys was her kit and didn't want her to have no protection when looking for herbs. She quickly added" I will go with you when your collecting herbs too" Lunarskys noticed that Moonstar was taking on to much and mewed sympatheticly"Are you sure? I can collect herbs alone you know" Moonstar knew she was to stubboarn to say yes and hissed"NO" Lunarskys Jumped in suprise at her tone, then began to speak, her voice suddenly full of wisdom"I can handle moss collecting and my own duties, but can you handle your duties as well as the apprentice and warrior duties?" Moonstar looked at her paws, knowing that Lunarskys was right, and Lunarskys was suprised by the wisdom she had felt for the moment of her words. Moonstar turned and mewed uncertainly"Yes, I can" Lunarskys stared after her as she stumbled out of the den.

Dango, dango, dango, dango, a big dango family
A mischievious roasted dango, a kind sweet bean dango
Gather them all up and it's a family of a hundred
A baby dango is always cradled in happiness
An old dango gazes with squinted eyes
The dango friends will all hold hands and form a big circle
They've found a village on a dango planet and all smile together
The rabbits are waving their hands from the big moon
Roll up all the happy and sad things...


Naruto Charecters

Naruto:Crazy Knucklehead and Color Blind
Sasuke: Sad, Dark, Kid that wears black make-up and loves pink ponies
Sakura: TeenageGirlIdese
Shikamaru:Lazy Bones that is to smart for his own good
Choji:Food obsession
Ino: Severe TeenageGirlIdese
Hinata:Talking Problems
Shino: BugLovaIdese and has no eyes
Kiba: Identity Crisis
Gaara: Is to awesome
Temari: Apparently light enough to ride on fans
Kankuro: PuppetIdese
Neji: Destiny Obsession
Lee: No Style What-So-Ever
TenTen: To normal for this show
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I need advise(Moonstar)
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