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It's the season of Leaf-Bare.

Many clans are having a hard time. With warriors and apprentices, as well as kits, elders, and queens running short, many clans are weak.

April Gathering

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 The Thunderclan medicine cat fell into the river!

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The Thunderclan medicine cat fell into the river! Empty
PostSubject: The Thunderclan medicine cat fell into the river!   The Thunderclan medicine cat fell into the river! EmptyMon Sep 10, 2012 8:59 pm

Lunarskys sniffed around at the edge of the river, searching for rushes, horsetail, or any herbs to add to there herb storage. Leaf-fall was right around the corner, and were there is leaf-fall, there's Leaf-bare. The clan would need to restore there herbs if they were to survive the harsh, cold weather. She jumped when she found what she needed. She looked out into the river to see a large patch of rushes and horsetail growing together. Lunarskys looked down in fear, watching as dark waters swirled ravenously, ramming large rocks into the river bank. Lunarskys placed a paw in, quickly pulling it out of the icy waters. She looked back at the rushes. Even in green-leaf, these had been the only rushes she had seen on Thunderclan territory. Determined now, she jumped right into the freezing waters, surprised to find the bank under her paws, water swirling by. She slowly stepped deeper into the water, until the water was up to her belly. She placed another paw forward, feeling it squish into the mud. She reached forward again, but this time, a large rock that had been tumbling under the water, rammed into Lunarskys front leg with such force that her leg was disattached from the mud. Lunarskys yelped in surprise, tumbling over into the cold water. Lunarskys flailed her paws wildly, the ground disappearing from under her. The river was pulling her away, into deeper water! A large wave flew over Lunarskys' head, forcing her under. Her black fur almost seemed invisible under the dark surface. Lunarskys searched for a grip in vain, finally looking up dismayed when she couldn't make out the surface! She couldn't tell which way was which!"I am going to die!,"Lunarskys thought suddenly.

Dango, dango, dango, dango, a big dango family
A mischievious roasted dango, a kind sweet bean dango
Gather them all up and it's a family of a hundred
A baby dango is always cradled in happiness
An old dango gazes with squinted eyes
The dango friends will all hold hands and form a big circle
They've found a village on a dango planet and all smile together
The rabbits are waving their hands from the big moon
Roll up all the happy and sad things...


Naruto Charecters

Naruto:Crazy Knucklehead and Color Blind
Sasuke: Sad, Dark, Kid that wears black make-up and loves pink ponies
Sakura: TeenageGirlIdese
Shikamaru:Lazy Bones that is to smart for his own good
Choji:Food obsession
Ino: Severe TeenageGirlIdese
Hinata:Talking Problems
Shino: BugLovaIdese and has no eyes
Kiba: Identity Crisis
Gaara: Is to awesome
Temari: Apparently light enough to ride on fans
Kankuro: PuppetIdese
Neji: Destiny Obsession
Lee: No Style What-So-Ever
TenTen: To normal for this show
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The Thunderclan medicine cat fell into the river!
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