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It's the season of Leaf-Bare.

Many clans are having a hard time. With warriors and apprentices, as well as kits, elders, and queens running short, many clans are weak.

April Gathering

April Medicine Cat Meeting

Badge Events:The Great War, Warrior's Quiz, and The Hunger Games

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Your Main Cat

 Clan : Shadowclan
 Friends : Nightflower, Lightningstrike
 Mentor(s) : Darkmist
 Kit(s) : Waterkit, Rapidkit, No-name, and Mystickit (This is Unknown)
 Apprentice(s) : None
 Father : Darkheart
 Mate(s) : Lightningstrike (This is Unknown)
 Mother : Spiritmist
 Name : Lunafeather
 Rank : Medicine Cat
 Sibling(s) : Nightflower
Rank: Admin's Apprentice
Admin's Apprentice
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