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It's the season of Leaf-Bare.

Many clans are having a hard time. With warriors and apprentices, as well as kits, elders, and queens running short, many clans are weak.

April Gathering

April Medicine Cat Meeting

Badge Events:The Great War, Warrior's Quiz, and The Hunger Games


 Herb Quiz(Medicine Cats for Main Clans Only)

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Herb Quiz(Medicine Cats for Main Clans Only) Empty
PostSubject: Herb Quiz(Medicine Cats for Main Clans Only)   Herb Quiz(Medicine Cats for Main Clans Only) EmptySat Nov 10, 2012 3:06 pm

Ok, So first player to get it right get's a point. I will be keeping track of points. You need 10 points to get the badge. Good Luck, and I will tell you when you get 10 points. Finally, everyone who guesses and gets it right before I tell you if it's correct, will all get the point. Now, it will give you a hurt cat, and you must heal them. If just one of your steps is incorrect, you will not get the point. And when answering, just roleplay as your medicine cat. If you are not a medicine cat of the main clans, or at least an apprentice, you will not get warned to leave. You will be warned three time, and if you do not stop posting after the third warning, you will be banned. The Spoiler below will reveal what the badge looks like. Please do not cheat and use another website. It is against the rules. As this is not fair to other members.


First Question

Splashpelt, a tom with with black-and-white fur and amber eyes, was limping. There was a large cut that went into his left ear. There was a large burn over his left eye, and it was closed in pain. The fur had been burned away around his left eye, and it was bleeding slightly. One claw on his right paw had been ripped off. His right foreleg was bleeding from a major burn mark where the fur had been burned away. He had walked away from the fire, and was coughing because of inhaling smoke. Both eyes stung from the smoke. His left eye is severely hurt by the flames.

Dango, dango, dango, dango, a big dango family
A mischievious roasted dango, a kind sweet bean dango
Gather them all up and it's a family of a hundred
A baby dango is always cradled in happiness
An old dango gazes with squinted eyes
The dango friends will all hold hands and form a big circle
They've found a village on a dango planet and all smile together
The rabbits are waving their hands from the big moon
Roll up all the happy and sad things...


Naruto Charecters

Naruto:Crazy Knucklehead and Color Blind
Sasuke: Sad, Dark, Kid that wears black make-up and loves pink ponies
Sakura: TeenageGirlIdese
Shikamaru:Lazy Bones that is to smart for his own good
Choji:Food obsession
Ino: Severe TeenageGirlIdese
Hinata:Talking Problems
Shino: BugLovaIdese and has no eyes
Kiba: Identity Crisis
Gaara: Is to awesome
Temari: Apparently light enough to ride on fans
Kankuro: PuppetIdese
Neji: Destiny Obsession
Lee: No Style What-So-Ever
TenTen: To normal for this show
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Herb Quiz(Medicine Cats for Main Clans Only)
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